How to Create a Permit Application

Creating new permit applications can be started in your personal dashboard. In the top of the view, on the right, there is a button "Apply for a permit" to start the guided 4-step process.

1. Create or select the project for your application

In Evolve, all applications belong to a project. If you are creating the first application for your project, choose "Create new project". If you have previously created a project for you, you can simply select the project under "Select existing project". 

Why? When you need multiple applications in your project, Evolve will provide you an aggregate view for your project and some handy tools to manage it.  

Hint: If you don't know how to name your project, use the location (e.g. address) of the project as the name.

2. Select a location for your application

Every application or a permit has a location. Start by selecting the right municipality. Evolve provides a list of the cities and municipalities where you can use Evolve to apply for your permits.

When you have selected the municipality, you can search the right location from the map or by typing in the address (or roll number) for your application.

See the result of your search on the map and confirm the location. You can also change the location on the map, if you wish to be more accurate. But make sure you are on the right property!

Why? Evolve searches property and other location information from other sources so that it is correct, up-to-date and you don't have to type it in! It is also easy to search and manage information that is tied to a location.

Hint: If you already have existing applications in Evolve, the location search will provide a list of the locations so that is easier to find the right spot.

Hint: If you are applying for permit on street area (right-of-way), select the location on your own property instead of the street area.

3. Select the type of your application

In Evolve, you can apply for various permits. Select first the type of permit (i.e. the organization that you are applying from). When you have selected the permit type, you can select the correct category for your application. Read the categories carefully and select the one that matches your need the best.

Why? Evolve will create for you an application workspace, that has the necessary content for your application. Based on the permit type selection, Evolve will address the application to the right authority organization as soon as you a ready to submit your application.  

4. Confirm your selections and create the application

In the final stage of the creation, Evolve shows you the selections that you have made. Check them are your are ready to have your application created!

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