Pay deposit

In some application types, you need to pay the deposit before you can submit your application. You have two options: pay online or pay in cash. 

To pay online (preferred)

  1. Find the title "Payments" at the bottom of the "General" tab in the application workspace
  2. Click "Pay online"
  3. Review your order and enter your credit card information to pay. Finish the payment by clicking "Pay with you credit card"
  4. Once your online deposit payment has been made and you have filled all mandatory information in your application, you are able to sign off and submit your application

To pay at the cashier

  1. Find the title "Payments" at the bottom of the "General" tab in the application workspace
  2. Select "Pay to cashier"
  3. Go to the instructed location to pay the deposit 
  4. Once you have made the payment and the clerk has updated the payment information in Evolve, you are able to submit and sign off your application

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