Add Attachments

To add attachments to an application

  1. Find the title "Attachments" in the bottom of the application view. List of the necessary attachments is located below the title.
  2. To add the attachments, click "See all attachments."
  3. Drag and drop files on the screen or choose "Click here" to select files from your computer.
    1. You can upload multiple attachments at the same time. Maximum individual file size is 100 MB.
  4. Select a type for each attachment in the drop-down.
    1. Sometimes a document contains multiple required drawings. You can select multiple types for one attachment in type selection.

    2. You can also add a drawing number as well as a description for the attachment. 
  5. Finish by clicking "Done".

Note: There is a guard, that checks that all required attachments are uploaded before the application can be submitted. Please check that you have all the required attachments in place.

Note: When documents are uploaded, they are transformed to PDF/A format, which is the official archive format. Please check that the PDF/A version is complete. The file formats that Evolve converts to PDF/A: PDF, image files (png, gif, tiff, jpeg), MS Office, Open Office. The original file is also available in the attachments page.  

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