Sign off your application

Many types of applications require a confirmation of the completeness and compliance and a sign off by the applicant before they can be submitted.

If the application needs a sign off, the Sign off button is displayed in the top right corner of the application page. 

The Sign off button is enabled (for user in Applicant role only) when all required information for the sign off is filled in the application forms.

To complete the sign off, select the Sign off button, complete the sign off form and select "Sign off" at the bottom of the view.

After sign off, the signed off information in the application workspace is no longer editable. If you need to change this information before submitting the application, you have to cancel the sign off first.  

Please note that you sign off and submitting the application are two separate tasks. After the sign off, you must submit the application (and pay deposit if required) before the municipality starts processing your permit application.

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